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One of the subjects "being considered for interpretation "by 
museum methods at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in 
St, Louis is the story of the American fur trade. Em;phasis would 
"be placed on the important infl\ience of this trade on our national 

This story is one of great complexity. No comprehensive study 
of the fur trade has "been published, nor has an adequate "biblio- 
graphy "been compiled. As an aid to the further study of the sub- 
ject and to the later interpretation of the story in terms of museum 
exhibits, it was felt that such a bibliography would be of primary 

In compiling this list of published works on the American fur 
trade the standard bibliographies on the literature of American 
history and the card ca-talog of the Library of Congress, as well 
as the Union Ca/tnlog, were first consulted. Publications classi- 
fied under "fur trade" were noted. Then the survey was extended 
to include works on closely related subjects which would contribute 
to an understanding of the many aspects of the story. 

The great bulk of published material on the fur trade, the fact 
that valuable references on the subject are often found in publica- 
tions apparently having no bearing on it, and the constant stream of 
new material make difficult, if not impossible, a really exhaustive 
compilation. The present list of titles must therefore be considered 
as a preliminary one. It is hoped, however, that it will not only 
serve its immediate purpose but also be of assistance to all those 
interested in the field. Suggestions of additional material will be 
wel corned. 

I I I 5872 



Page No . 

Fo rev/o rd i 

The Par Trade in New Prance 1 

The Fur Trade o f New England 8 

The Par Trade of New Netherland, New Sweden, and New York.... 22 

The Pur Trade o f Virginia and Maryland 34 

The Peltry Trade cf the Carolinas and the Southeast..,. 40 

The Pur Trade of Pennsylvania and the Ohio Valley 52 

The Par Trade of the Great Lakes Region. 69 

The Pur Trade of the Mississippi Valley 83 

The Fur Trade of the Missouri and Platte Valleys 103 

The Fur Trade of the Rockies North of the Arkansas 115 

The Fur Trade of the Arkansas and the Southwest 123 

The Fur Trade of Hudson Bay and Western Canada 134 

The Far Trade of the Pacific Slope and Alaska 147 

Sources Covering Broader Areas , 174 




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Ici929-ci933] 6 v. 


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